ECOnnect PLUS: discover the new wall boxes from EcoSpazio

The spread of electric cars is increasing the demand for increasingly smart and easy-to-use electric car charging systems

This is precisely why EcoSpazio has updated its product catalogue with a new range of wall boxes: ECOnnect Plus. ECOnnect Plus is the wall box designed for private car recharging, but can also be easily installed in public places and hospitality businesses.

The dedicated app makes it possible to monitor the car’s recharging values in real time and to modulate them by setting amperes, the maximum amount of kW to be recharged and/or delivered, and the start and end time of recharging. The app also makes it possible to consult the recharging history so that it is always possible to check and compare times and consumption.

ECOnnect Plus has a maximum recharging power of up to 22kW three-phase AC for fast and safe electric car recharging.


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